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Speedtest Redesign: Work in progress V

A quick update about my progress with the Speedtest Redesign: The layout which you saw in the previous article Work in progress IV is now implemented and the test already works (currently I’m testing with german words). The next step … Weiterlesen

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Speedtest Redesign: Work in progress IV

I know, this might not seem like a lot of progress but I also worked on the footer of the site (which is not visible on the screen). I also wasted a lot of time struggling with a logo (as … Weiterlesen

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Weirdly awesome hobby: I create my own notebooks

I have a weird hobby, I like to create my own notebooks: I use already printed paper, fold it in half, rip it (don’t cut it, this is important). Then I lay all pieces on top of another, glue the … Weiterlesen

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Speedtest Redesign: Work in progress III

Just a quick screenshot:

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