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New Typing Test: Hindi has just added a new typing test: Hindi

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Lean startup: MVP/Prototyping restrictions

Creating an early version of a webapp is highly important if you use the lean startup methodology (to get early feedback from your potential customers). For a developer/designer like me its really hard to create something that doesn’t look nice … Weiterlesen

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New vs old books

“It’s better to reread great books than waste his time on new but average ones” I’m not talking about fiction here (at least not entirely) but about books on design, development, business, etc. I have a few which are really, … Weiterlesen

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Speedtest Redesign: Overview

If you want to read all Speedtest Redesign related articles, check out this list: Speedtest Redesign Speedtest Redesign: Work in progress I Speedtest Redesign: Work in progress II Speedtest Redesign: Work in progress III Speedtest Redesign: Work in progress VI … Weiterlesen

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Speedtest Redesign: the beta is out

Hello my dear followers/readers, as of today you can check out the speedtest beta version. Currently there are two languages supported: english speedtest german speedtest As you can see there are still a lot of things missing, but you can … Weiterlesen

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