Speedtest Redesign: the beta is out

Hello my dear followers/readers,
as of today you can check out the speedtest beta version. Currently there are two languages supported:
english speedtest
german speedtest

As you can see there are still a lot of things missing, but you can already create an account and test/improve your typing speed. If you find any mistakes or have suggestions/feedback, please let me know: christianstrang@web.de

More features like the ranking list, badges, additional languages etc. will be implemented in the upcoming days/weeks.

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4 Antworten auf Speedtest Redesign: the beta is out

  1. dJe781 sagt:

    Can't wait for the French version to come out !

  2. SlowMotion sagt:

    First of all I would like to congratulate all implementations of this new version. I'm surprised and really pleased with this redesign.

    Now I would like to comment about possible improvements. If this is not the place, I'm sorry, you can move to where you need or remove it. And also sorry if I am late, but now is when I came to this page.

    English is not my language, as will have noticed xD. I don't know about the new Spanish version, but I think the current version has too many words in capital letters, about 12% while in the English version of 2-5% (which should be common to every language since they are proper nouns , cities … etc). Furthermore, although this is typical of the Spanish language, I also believe that there is an excess of words with accent marks (océano, fútbol, cuándo…), about 15-20%. That is, with 25-30% of words with an "extra difficulty" is a bit hard to get a correct speed, is easy to stutter. If this can help: http://wordsgalore.com/wordsgalore/languages/span… and http://www.vistawide.com/spanish/top_spanish_voca

    Thanks for everything and, again, you are doing an excellent job, congratulations ;)

    • chris_strang sagt:

      Hello :)
      first of all, I really appriciate that you took the time to write about your concerns, people like you help to improve the speedtest for everyone!

      My intention was to just use the same words in the new version, but your notes make a lot of sense. I would really like to optimize the current words, but I need help with that. If you would be willing to help me implement your suggestions, I would be really thankful for that (and also include you in the credits: http://credits.10-fast-fingers.com/).

      Please write me an email if you like to help me: go4@christianstrang.de

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