Speedtest Redesign: Work in progress I

After collecting your feedback and suggestions I created a few paper mockups and arranged the most important elements.
I’m currently working on the design (using Photoshop CS5).

Paper prototyping / Mockups

(the mockups are posted in chronological order)

Photoshop Mockup and Implementation

First I create a mockup in Photoshop (I usually use a dark background and a light color for the main areas).

After creating the mockup I start working on the most important area first (for the speedtest it is the Input field and the words the user has to type).

If you compare the Photoshop Implementation with the last paper mockup you can see a difference in how the words will be displayed. Instead of having a huge word block with 3 rows I now experiment with a “word-slideshow”. This hopefully saves space and will get rid of the irritating “line-switching”.

(Please help me improve my english by telling me my mistakes).

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9 Antworten auf Speedtest Redesign: Work in progress I

  1. dJe781 sagt:

    It looks very nice, I can't wait to see this implemented :)

  2. Yay! Ever since I found out about your website, and specifically, your redesign of your website, I've been excited. (maybe it's just the geek in me) Can't wait!

  3. Austin sagt:

    I don't quite understand what "word-slideshow" means. Are the words sliding in from the right, and disappearing to the left as you type them? I'm not certain, but it might be difficult to read words that are moving across the screen at high speeds (I type 750 characters per minute).

    Another way the words could be shown that would fix the current line-switching problem would be to use two lines, as it is now, but to update each line separately, right after they are finished. In this way, our eyes would be able to look ahead at the next words, already displayed on the top line, when typing the last few words of the bottom line.

  4. nutz sagt:

    hi, will you ever do a " embed speed test" ? :d i mean so i can do the test on my site

  5. Rintu Paul sagt:

    This site is good but it will be better if they start sentence typing test also

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